MC Haydn Trio Hob 25

Date: Apr 02, 2010
Artist : Freeplay Music
Label : Master Classics
Composers: Arranged By: Leonard Handler, BMI(100.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaymusic, BMI(50.00%)
Pleasantville Music Publishing, BMI(50.00%)

Description: This trio of piano, violin and cello is one of Haydn's most popular trio pieces, and for good reason. In much of Haydn's trio compositions the violin and cello, or whatever the supporting instreuments may be, are used only to thicken the sound of the pianoforte, which in Haydn's day lacked the timbral weight of todays pianos. In this piece the violin and cello certainly help to broaden the timbral palette, but the violin steps into the foreground on several occasions. The third movement features a whirlwind, "Hungarian" style rondo that creates a dramatic climax to this excellent composition. Haydn's Trio Hob 25 is a must-hear, especially for fans of piano trios.

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