MC Mercadante Concerto For Flute And Orchestra In E Minor (VDP)

Date: Mar 31, 2010
Artist : Freeplay Music
Label : Master Classics
Composers: Arranged By: Leonard Handler, BMI(100.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaymusic, BMI(50.00%)
Pleasantville Music Publishing, BMI(50.00%)

Description: World-renowned orchestra Virtuosi di Praga gives a masterful performance of this spectacular concerto for flute and orchestra. This piece does an excellent job in displaying the full potential of the flute in an orchestral context as the composer works to the instrument's strengths to create a vehicle for virtuosic performance. Virtuosi di Praga's performance of Mercadante's Concerto For Flute And Orchestra In E Minor is dramatic and compelling (the flute part at the conclusion will blow your mind!).

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