Eclectic Dance Volume 6

Date: Oct 18, 2011
Artist : N/A
Label : Freeplay Music
Composers: N/A
Publishers: N/A

Description: Brooklynite beatsmiths Ann Marie Sargolini and Grady Walker rock the block again with this new collection: Eclectic Dance Volume 6, utilizing fresh sounds, very modern production and their own immutable style to put together a dynamic and impactful collection, "Dont String Me Along" features a pinwheeling plucked harp weaving a nervy, hypnotic line as a skipping snare and thumping bass lay a relaxed groove- somehow laid-back and tense all at the same time.On the track "Pulse Beats" hand-claps and warm bass weave a simple, atmospheric groove as echoing keys float a sweet melody across the spacious beats. On "Spin The Wax" a street beat lays a punchy rhythm as a string sample plays across the beat, a warm bass makes the rhythmic hook come together, weaving an atmospheric, intense track. This lively collection will flesh out your scene with it's boisterious beats and zinging melodies, please check it out!

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