Life Unscripted

Date: Jan 30, 2013
Artist : Garcia
Label : Indie Albums
Composers: Michael Garcia, BMI(100.00%)
Publishers: N/A

Description: *Explicit Lyrics* Stylin' beatsmith Garcia packs a bold punch on "Life Unscripted", a phenomenal collection of sizzling beats and grooves. The grinding, raucous sounds of Southern hip hop are fused with sizzling Latin elements on this album, capturing a distinctly gitty, exotic tone on each track. "Oh Oh Dejalo (Featuring Liza Quin And N.O.R.E.)" has a brilliant aggressive salsa flavor, featuring soulful Spanish vocals and a mean verse. "Life In Miami (Featuring Dynas)" is a smooth, ethereal summer beat straight off the coast. For a tight, straight-laced hip hop groove featuring tight organ stabs and sparkling synth dynamics, check out "Just Can't Break." Garcia's hard-hitting tracks on this fiery album bring spirit and attitude to any scene. Be sure to visit our Indie Artists section to click and listen to selections from this album.

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